Awhile back I saw this little idea somewhere, Pinterest I’m sure, and made a mental note to try it out and add Young Living Essential Oils! This is such an easy and fun thing to make AND to give to your friends, especially those coffee loving friends!


Starbucks Latte DIY Hand Soap Ingredients:

• Goat Milk Soap Base (32oz)

• 8 Starbucks red cups (4oz)

• Ground cinnamon

• Essential oils of your choice- get oils like mine here 

• Knife and cutting board

• Sharpie

• Rubbing alcohol


Start by cutting up the goat milk soap base and putting into a glass bowl or measuring cup. For my 8 Starbucks cups, I did three different batches because I wanted different “favored” hand soaps.

I heated mine in the microwave for 45 seconds then stirred. Then, I heated in 15sec intervals until there were no lumps.


Once fully melted, add your essential oils. Again, I made three different batches so I used about 25-35 drops of essential oils per 12oz of soap.

My combinations of choice were:

• Peppermint Latte- Peppermint essential oil

• Gingerbread Latte- Ginger essential oil + Nutmeg essential oils + Cinnamon Bark essential oil

• Cinnamon Dolce Latte- Cinnamon Bark essential oil



Pour into the cups and then spray with rubbing alcohol/water combo to keep bubble from forming on top.



Set your baby latte’s in the fridge for at least 2 hours or until they harden up. Once they set, pull them out and sprinkle cinnamon on top! Don’t forget to break out the sharpie and add the name and some cool initials for the “drink” name! 😉


When ready to use, simply peel the paper cup off and set by the sink.


Enjoy, lovies!












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