It’s Day 2 of the 25 Days of Christmas DIY gifts with essential oils!

What you will need:

• Diffuser sticks

• Essential Oils- get yours here

• Glass jar of your choice

• Almond oil

Here’s how it goes:

Open jar. Pour in almond oil.


Drop in favorite essential oil(s). Of course, I’m using Christmas Spirit because first, who doesn’t LOVE Christmas Spirit and second, it IS the holiday season.


Place diffuser sticks in jar. Stir around.


BOOM! Project complete.


This can be done one of three ways.

1- Buy a reed diffuser from the store, empty and wash out jar and make your own.

2- Use a mason jar and purchase diffuser sticks here.

3- Buy empty, corked bottle here and purchase diffuser sticks here.

My only thought on this is, using a mason jar uses much more product. I spent $3 at Target, empty the nasty chemical fragrance, rinsed out the jar with Thieves Dish Soap  and called it a day.

Side note: Be sure to stir around and flip the reeds every few days to be sure they continue diffusing the scent. Give it about 24 hours for the reed to start putting out the scent.

Also, Christmas Spirit is FREE in the YL promo this month!!! (November 2015) Take a look at the FREE things you receive when you order certain volumes with Young Living.

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