Let’s make a Lavender Rice Bag! These are SO easy to make and super inexpensive. Now, let me start by saying that I am NOT crafty so if I blog something that I’ve created successfully, I know you can make it too.

Alright, here’s a look at the things you will need. Brace yourself. The list is intense. (Kidding, people.)

•Brown rice

•Fabric- Be sure it’s non flammable and 100% cotton. Metallic threading or embellishments not recommended if you will be heating your rice bag in the microwave.

Iron on hem tape

Lavender essential oil

See, total and utter insanity. 😉 It looks easy… and it IS. Imagine that. A craft I can do.

Let’s get started! First, I went ahead and poured out my rice into a bowl. I used a 28oz bag of rice. Then I added my Lavender. I used 20 drops of my Young Living Lavender and stirred it around to be sure it was distributed well.

Lavender Rice Bag

Next, I cut my fabric. Depending on what size you create, these babies are great to warm up and use for a tense neck/back or make fabulous hand warmers. Due to the fact that I live in Florida, I made mine long enough to comfortably lay on my neck/shoulders. However, if you do live in a cooler climate or have friends and family who do, there are a lot of cute little shapes you can make for hand warmers.

Remember that thing about how I’m not so crafty? If you have a sewing machine and you know how to use it, AWESOME! Definitely use it. For the sewing challenged, this is where you break out the iron on hem tape. Follow the directions on the hem tape. Be sure to leave one end open to fill with the rice.


Once you have the edges all fancily ironed together, go ahead and pour the lavender rice inside the bag.


Now you can fold those edges inward, place tape and iron shut.


VOILA! A really thoughtful gift for teachers, friends, family, coworkers, etc. that won’t break the bank. Simply warm it up and it’s ready to use!


Don’t forget to tie it up all pretty! Merry Christmas!


To get your lavender essential oil- click here! 

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